Upgrade your Lightpointe Aire X-Stream FSO

Upgrade your Lightpointe MMW Millimeter Wave Links

How to Upgrade your Lightpointe MMW Millimeter Wave Links

Lightpointe Airebeam E-band or V-band MMW Millimeter Wave Link
Lightpointe MMW Airebeam Millimeter Wave Link

Why upgrade your Lightpointe MMW link?

Lightpointe have announced by email that they are closing down operations and therefore cannot support their entire range of MMW links.   It’s always sad to see a long established vendor close down, and means many Millimeter Wave link users will have to look for alternatives.
Many users own MMW links including Lightpointe  which are old and sometimes problematic.  Often, users require higher reliability, uptime, capacity or distance than their older Millimeter Wave links can provide.

The Need for Reliability and High Availability

Modern IP networks demand higher capacity and uptime, and as MMW links are installed outdoors often in harsh conditions where they age faster than indoor mounted IT equipment such as switches and routers, which are installed in nice airconditioned environments.   Modern Carrier Class wireless equipment is designed for all-outdoor use including harsh environments and can ensure ultra-high availability and reliability in practical use.

Alternatives to Lightpointe and MMW

There are many alternatives available including Carrier Class MMW from other vendors, MMW links with 10Gbps+ capacity, Microwave links and MIMO radio.  These have different characteristics, capabilities and price points.  Modern links can offer up to 40Gbps capacity and for low-end solutions, MIMO radios at lower price points than MMW for sites where budgets are tight.

If the customer requires a direct replacement MMW link, there are some trusted MMW vendors currently available with reliable shipping products.

Other MMW vendors currently offering carrier grade MMW:

Lightpointe – MMW Millimeter Wave – E-band and V-band links – Manufacturer information

Established in 1998, Lightpointe  provides optical communications at the speed of light which operate license-free. With products capable of sending up to 10 Gbps full duplex of data, Lightpointe offers reliable, fibre-optic connections without the need for expensive physical fibre.

Lightpointe – Manufacturer information

  • Lightpointe (based in USA) is a Manufacturer of Millimeter Wave bridges/links
  • Built for line of site (LOS) with ranges suitable up to 1-8km
  • Ultra secure connections using narrow beams of light are secure from RF packet sniffers
  • Reliable availability with five nines availability
  • Licence free operation or light-licensed technology

Upgrading from Lightpointe Millimeter Wave E-band

Lightpointe state that AireBeam models are the most advanced millimeter wave links in the industry, bFor customers wanting the absolute longest range and highest availability, the Airebeam is the answer. Your data will fly between buildings using E-band or V-band frequencies.

  • MMW
  • E-band or V-band
  • 1Gbps or 10Gbps full duplex
  • RJ45, PoE or Fibre Interfaces
  • Recommended for distances 1km up to 8km or more

Upgrading from Lightpointe Aire X-Stream Wireless Bridge

Lightpointe state that the LightPointe Aire X-Stream Millimeter Wave Wireless Bridge offers highly competitive pricing and extreme value for various distances . Utilizing an advanced V-band or E-band technology, these bridges transmit and receive data simultaneously for full duplex connectivity. Each side of the link can be ordered in a 1,000 Mbps or 10Gbps configuration.

  • Aire X-Stream System
  • 1Gbps or 10Gbps
  • PoE or Fibre Optic
  • Recommended for 1-8km or more
Upgrade Geodesy Gigabit Wireless FSO Free Space Optic Laser Link
Gigabit Wireless Technologies


The technical specifications listed above are those advertised by the manufacturer.  No warranty is made to the accuracy of this information, which may vary widely in practical installations.  Many vendors are known to exaggerate or mis-state the capability of the equipment which they offer.

For More Information on Wireless Upgrades

If you would like more information on upgrading a Lightpointe MMW Millimeter Wave solutions please Contact Us and our experienced team of wireless experts will be delighted to assist.